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Direct followers to your page, drive offline traffic online with your QR code, build a mailing list and increase your sales.

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Customise your Tryb page, create your own themes, add unlimited links, and embed music, videos and podcasts.

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Measure engagement, monitor revenue, track visitors, clicks and views, and better understand your audience with our detailed analytics.
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Access an online community of creators and entrepreneurs. Learn from your peers, share ideas, and promote your brand.

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What is a link in bio page?

Think of it as a mini-website. Or as we like to call it, a magic gateway to all of your content.

With a link in bio page you can consolidate your entire digital presence and direct followers wherever you like.

Once set up, you can share your page in your social media bios, email signature and newsletters. You can also add it to flyers, posters and packaging or anywhere else that your followers or potential customers will see it.

Used well, a link in bio page can become a traffic-driving powerhouse.

Why do I need a link in bio page?

The more your brand grows, the more products, services and content you’ll want to promote (videos, podcast episodes, newsletters, blog posts, events, product listings, other social media pages etc).

The problem is, most social media platforms only allow you to add one link to your bio. With a link in bio page, you can bypass that rule.

What makes Tryb better than other link in bio providers?

Advanced customisation: With more ways to personalise your page than our competitors, you can make your page as unique as you are, and align it perfectly with your brand.

Monetisation: Unlike other link in bio tools, a Tryb page will help you to monetise your expertise. Sell digital items, launch paid subscriptions, promote your services, or even collect tips. You can also use your page to attract sponsors and negotiate affiliate deals.

Resources: Tryb members can access expert creator resources for free when they claim their page. And for those looking to take things to the next level, there’s even a Creator Business School.

Community: As a Tryb member, you can also access the most valuable resource of all; each other

Who is Tryb for?

Tryb is for anyone who has an online presence. Creators, entrepreneurs, businesses, brands, and students all use Tryb to curate their digital universe.

Do I need a website to use Tryb?

No! In fact, many of our members choose to create a Tryb page as an alternative to a traditional website. Unlike a website, you can build a Tryb page in minutes, regardless of how tech-savvy you are. So you can start sharing, selling and growing in minutes. If you already have a website, that’s no problem, you can just add it to your Tryb page.

It’s also a far more affordable way to promote your content, and it offers analytics so that you can easily track the performance of your links.

How many links should I have on my Tryb page?

We know that you probably have a lot that you want to share with your audience. That’s why we don’t put a limit on the number of links that you can add to your Tryb page.

Having said that, too many links can sometimes become overwhelming for your audience, so we generally recommend adding between 5 and 7 links.

Can I make money from my Tryb page?

Absolutely. We offer a whole range of options to monetise your passion. Through your Tryb page you can sell digital items, online courses and virtual consultations. You can also launch paid subscriptions, promote events, direct followers to your product pages, and crowdfund for your next project. Plus, you can use your page to attract sponsors and negotiate affiliate deals.

Choose a plan and start building your online presence